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Guardianship Lawyer...

Owner, Nina Weiss, has worked as a Guardianship Lawyer in New Jersey for nearly twenty years and has a firm understanding of the interplay between the legal and medical aspects of guardianship law proceedings. Nina started her career in law at the New Jersey Office of the Public Guardian and has a wealth of experience in guardianship law from many different perspectives. Whether assisting clients with a full or limited guardianship, or if a guardianship needs to be defended, people who retain Weiss Law as a Guardianship Lawyer can be confident that we will provide the necessary guidance and advocacy to navigate this challenging terrain. 

Guardianship law is a complex area of law requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. As a Guardianship Lawyer, Nina knows the significant legal and medical concerns involved in determining whether a person is capable of managing his or her own affairs. Parents of individuals living with developmental disabilities often face the need for guardianship when their child turns 18. And children of aging parents sometimes face the need for guardianship due to dementia and other age related issues.  A Guardianship Lawyer can help people manage these problems.

The New Jersey Guardianship Statute dictates that if the court finds that an individual is without capacity to manage his or her affairs, the court may appoint a general guardian who shall exercise all rights and powers of the incapacitated person. The need for a guardian must be proven by clear and convincing evidence," a high burden.  But if an individual can make at least some decisions, the New Jersey Guardianship Statute also allows for the appointment of a limited guardian which is significant for those who are able to manage some but all of their affairs. A Guardianship Lawyer can help you navigate through these issues.

The New Jersey Guardianship Statute also allows for temporary guardianship.  A temporary guardian can be appointed when the physical or mental health, safety and well-being of a person may be jeopardized, where property may be wasted, dissipated and/or misappropriated and where it is in the persons best interest that a temporary guardian be appointed. As an experienced Guardianship Lawyer, Nina Weiss has been a part of many temporary guardianship proceedings throughout New Jersey. 

In addition to serving your needs as a Guardianship Lawyer, Weiss Law can also meet your legal needs in the areas of Special Needs Trusts, Estate Planning, Conservatorships, Will Disputes, Fiduciary Services and Mediation.

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Guardianship Lawyer

New Offices

by Nina Weiss on 04/10/19

Happy spring to all.  Now that we are settled into our new, bright and sunny offices at the Shoppes at Pennington, stay tuned for new, updated posts from our managing attorney and owner, Nina Weiss.  

Weiss Law Owner to Meet with New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein

by Nina Weiss on 05/17/15

Nina Weiss, Owner of Weiss Law, LLC, will be meeting with New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein on May 28th to discuss the Supportive Housing Association of NJ Opening 1,000 Doors Initiative.  


by Nina Weiss on 12/30/14

Welcome to the Weiss Law Blog!  I am thrilled to welcome you to our website and to our Blog.  Please check back often for news and updates regarding guardianship and special needs law in New Jersey and around the country.  We also plan to update you on what is new in our office and simply to stay in touch and stay current.  Thank you for visiting.

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