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Mediation is a facilitated negotiation by which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists individuals in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution of a dispute. In fact, many situations where people believe they need a court decision can be more easily and sensibly resolved through mediation.  The goal of the process is for the individuals involved in the dispute to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution, rather than to rely on a disinterested person who knows little about the history of the dispute and the relationship between the individuals, like a judge. The beauty of mediation is the empowerment of the individuals and the ability to vent and to be heard in a non-judgmental forum. 

When choosing mediation as an alternative to litigation, it is critical to select a mediator who is patient, compassionate, non-judgmental and experienced in the subject matter of the dispute along with well trained.  Nina Weiss is unique in this regard having trained under the auspices of the prominent Conflict Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution program while a student at Fordham Law School.  This intensive training, both coursework and clinical, has equipped Nina Weiss to serve as an effective yet also compassionate mediator.

Why Mediation?  Top 10 Reasons

1. You retain more control over the results since a court is not dictating the outcome to you.
2. Mediation allows for creative solutions to disputes that can work for each of the parties involved.
3. Mediation is less financially costly than litigation 
4. Mediation is less emotionally costly than litigation
5. Mediation is confidential and is held in the privacy of a location that works for all of the participants.
6. Professionally handled, mediation permits people to openly vent their personal frustrations and to discuss many issues that they may have which are contributing to the dispute.
7. Even if the mediation is unsuccessful, your legal positions are preserved, thus there is no downside to attempting mediation.
8. Mediation allows for flexibility in scheduling. 
9. You can choose your own mediator but you cannot choose your judge.
10. Mediation allows for the preservation of relationships (as opposed to the destruction of relationships) if this is what you desire.